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Our factory, Ringentle is by far the NO. 1 tantalum ring manufacturing factory in China.

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1. Our factory, Ringentle is by far the NO.1 tantalum wedding ring manufacturing factory in China;

As a senior contemporary metal jewelry/wedding bands manufacturer with more than 15 years of production experience and a factory that has been serving famous foreign brand manufacturers for many years, we came into contact with tantalum, a special rare metal, in 2020. That was strange and interesting metal to us at that time. At that time, I think this is strange to most jewelers in the world.

2. We are hands-on from the development of the raw material source to the production of the final product;

From the development of the raw material to the final production of the tantalum wedding ring, we set out to study and practice everything from the source to the final production. In the very beginning, we went through a lot of difficulties. In the beginning, when we chose the tantalum raw material, we selected several different tantalum alloys for testing. These included a tantalum-tungsten alloy with a metal content of about 55% tantalum and about 42% tungsten, with the remaining 3% or so being other feared metal elements. This alloy has a yellowish color and is lighter in weight because of the addition of tungsten. It is very easy to produce and machine, capable of a variety of beautiful surface finishes and can be machined in large quantities like the metals we normally machine, which goes very well in practice. However, unfortunately, this type of alloy did not sell well in the jewelry market, and was unfortunately told that it did not meet the needs of our customers because the metal was prone to chipping during laser engraving. Therefore, we had to start over with the material. Later, we tried using pure tantalum with a purity of 99.9% for the ring. This time, the material was approved by the customer, but again we encountered many problems during the production process.

3. We continued to experiment and explore the processing of tantalum metal, solving many challenges.

At first, we could only process the simplest surface processes, and when it came to slightly more complex surface processes, we had a huge headache, and mass production was even more impossible. Due to the nature of this metal, its hardness is relatively different from the metals we normally process, so there are usually various difficulties in the process of processing tantalum. For example, when we do some shapes on tantalum ring cores by CNC machine, the metal of tantalum is easy to be adhered to the CNC drill, resulting in the CNC drill not working continuously for a long time. This makes production efficiency greatly reduced. Also, when cutting tantalum metal, there are very many burrs and surface damage, which is very bad for doing stone settings. After our unremitting efforts and numerous attempts, we finally solved all the difficulties we faced. Today, we are able to make many different surface effects on the surface of our tantalum wedding rings, and we have been able to solve even the problem of large quantities of stones setting, which our brand manufacturer customers have not yet solved. That is why we have now also developed a number of tantalum wedding rings with multiple stones.

4. We are the only tantalum wedding ring manufacturer factory in China that has mastered the oxidation process of tantalum wedding rings.

The color of tantalum metal itself is dark gray, and dark gray and black have always been the most classic and fashionable colors in the men’s jewelry field. Therefore, in addition to the dark gray color of tantalum itself, we have also developed the blackening process of tantalum. We are not talking about any black color plating, but the oxidation process that makes the tantalum metal itself black. We are proud to say that we are the only factory in our country that has mastered this technology.

Blacken and un-blacken tantalum wedding rings

5. We are the only tantalum wedding ring manufacturer factory in our country that can do multiple stone setting on tantalum wedding rings.

You can search everywhere for tantalum rings with a few stones inlaid on top, but there are really very few tantalum rings with a large area of stone setting. That is because the process of inlaying many stones on tantalum rings is much more difficult than the stone setting process on general metals. In the beginning, we were unable to do the same, but with much trial and error, we were able to solve this problem.

Diamond setting and gold inlay on tantalum wedding ring

6. We can inlay tantalum rings with a variety of different materials, including precious metals.

Tantalum is a metal that has been used in jewelry only in recent years. To be honest, I am not quite sure whether it is considered a precious metal or a base metal. In terms of value, it is slightly more expensive than silver, and it is indeed a metal that can be recycled at a high price. In addition to diamonds, we also set tantalum rings with gold, silver, black titanium, black zirconium, carbon fiber, and other materials to enrich the style of tantalum rings.

With our many years of experience in manufacturing alternative metal jewelry, we are still exploring the possibilities of processing tantalum metal. We are a factory that remains motivated and hopes for a long and stable development in this field. We’re very proud to say that Ringentle is the best tantalum wedding ring manufacturer in our area. We believe that we will encounter many more difficulties, but we will also keep trying to solve all of them with our best efforts. As we want to keep being the best tantalum wedding ring factory in China.


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