Black zirconium couple ring

Type: Couple Ring

Material: Black Zirconium

Surface Finish: Shiny polished and Satin

Plating: IP Rose Gold Color

Setting: Bezel Setting

Others: No stones on men’s ring


This is a pair of elegant black couple’s diamond rings with smooth rose gold lines, just like saying your love poem.

Black zirconium is a gray metal. But what makes it special is its attractive black appearance. Its black color is special because it is not plated, it is heated to a high temperature to form a black coating on the surface of the metal, which is a black oxide layer on the outside of the metal. It is very different from IP black plating. Because the black color can stay for a very long time, much longer than black plating. That’s why we all think it’s a beautiful metal and a great material for wedding rings. Black zirconium is very strong and hypoallergenic. It is a lightweight ring that can be worn very comfortably. It is not easily cracked and is corrosion-resistant.

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